Welcome to the website of the Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA), the National Professional Federation of Fraud Auditors in Belgium. IFA is has been founded in 2001 as a not for profit association which is based on a public-private partnership. IFA holds a Register of professionals who are certified as "Registered Fraud Auditor". IFA develops best practices for professionals who are active in the domain of fraud combat in the public and private sector. IFA regularly organizes conferences and trainings on fraud-related topics. IFA is an ideal forum for networking within the anti-fraud community.


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Institute of Fraud Auditors
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26 10/2017

IFA - Communication October 2017

IFA News
Dear colleagues,   We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:   1. Event & training agenda 2. Detailed information on IFA-events 3. Statutory information 4. New... Read more »
28 09/2017

IIA Belgium Conference 2017

IFA News, IFA Training & Events
The Insitiute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Belgium has the pleasure to announce that IFA members can attend their Conference 2017 at the IIA members rate of 210 EUR (excl. VAT).   The conference will take place on 26 October 2017 at the Courtyard Marriot Brussels in Evere.   The... Read more »
11 09/2017

CPS-studiedag / Private fraude-onderzoekers: meerwaarde of stoorzenders bij de rechtshandhaving

IFA News, IFA Training & Events
Op dinsdag 24 oktober 2017 organiseert CPS een studiedag in samenwerking met IFA in de Koninklijke Bibliotheek te Brussel. Tijdens deze studiedag wordt het debat gevoerd over de (juridische) toekomst van de fraude-auditor en de private ‘corporate investigator’ en de... Read more »
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Upcoming Event

19/12/2017 - IFA X-Mas drink 2017

The Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA), the Belgian professional federation of fraud auditors, kindly invites you to our sparkling X-Mas drink !!!

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13/12/2017 11:40 FIOD

VW reforms compliance system to avoid another scandal https://t.co/uou9IIjy6G

12/12/2017 22:58 TheACFE

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11/12/2017 13:17 FIOD

Na een controle van @Douane heeft FIOD dinsdag 184 kilo #cocaïne in beslag genomen. De drugs zaten in een container… https://t.co/XdLeD0kKZh

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Dinsdag zijn 3 personen aangehouden op verdenking van het opzettelijk voorhanden hebben van #sigaretten waarover ge… https://t.co/bMYWURqvC0

07/12/2017 13:29 FIOD